Terms and Conditions on Participation and Privacy Policy based on regulations for the EU-GDPR / EU-DSGVO (EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung / EU General Data Protection Regulation)

To use this web application the collection and handling of personal data is necessary. The following part informs you about collected data, use of this data, your rights and contact.

On manual login or login via a single sign on mechanism from an external tool following data may be transferred:
- Login and password (not for external login)
- optionally name, first name, email
- IP address, optionally identification of external system, from which the link come from.
- optionally your role within the organization (student, staff)

During the case sessions the following data are stored in the CASUS database:
- Your answers and comments
- Time spent on a card
- Number of opened cards
- Timestamps, when actions were performed
- IP address, browser, operating system (only for error handling)
- Evaluation results (anonymized), author might use external evaluation tools
- support requests whether sent by email or submitted in the CASUS support form are stored in a separate trouble ticket system (OTRS) an an own server.
the data there is only used for answering support questions, and detect common issues for quality insurance.

The personal data and case session data are collected only for the courses you have booked and can be seen by the responsible tutor and by the administrator in case of technical problems.
The use of this platform might be necessary to pass your studies. Not using it or deleting data from this platform might cause consequences.

Case authors might put links to external platforms within the learning modules (e.g. YouTube video). This might result in transfer of session tracking data to these external providers we cannot prohibit.
Data collected by us will be not transferred actively to such external providers.

Only when you selfregister or send support requests not logged on we use Goolge ReCaptcha to prevent Spam Messages and Fake Accounts. InWHen using ReCaptcha min. the IP adress will be transfered to Google, no Date of your profile within CASUS will be transfered actively to Google.

Your data is stored until objection depending on participating university/organization between 2 and 5 years, maximum 10 years and won't be passed on to a third party.
We also do not pass data to third party outside the European Union.

You have the following rights:
- Information about the stored data
- Correction of not correctly stored data
- Deleting data which is not needed any longer
- Limitation on using the data
- Protest against future use of data
- Right to transfer data, if not protected for other reasons

If you think the handling of your data is not correct or you do not understand these terms, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please find more information in the imprint on our website (https://www.instruct.eu/en/imprint/)

By confirming the terms and conditions you agree to the above mentioned handling of your personal data.
You can withdraw your consent any time via mail or email (support@casus.eu).

Please notice that it is prohibited to copy ANY material from the cases!



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